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GoFundMe page for Mrs. Hatfield

Mrs. Hatfield is one of our VVA clients, with whom we've been feverishly engaged to get her widows benefits, since her husband died some time ago. He was a disabled veteran of WWII, and died in the VA hospital.

However, the VA has dragged their feet, as we can all attest to, while her house has come to be in extreme disrepair.  She is in no position to make any repairs, and it has become a hazard in several aspects.  We are the only ones she has left.

As VVA members we've always been there for our brother veterans, their spouses and widows. We're asking you to once again to help us live up to our motto, "never again will one generation of veterans abandon another." Here's our chance to, once again, live up to our creed.  See if you can at least lift her up in prayer, and contribute to this fund drive.

Thank you in advance, brothers. God bless.

Van Gilmore